Money Management Calculator

Money Management Calculator


Want to know how much capital you should use to open a certain lot size? Calculate it here.

Instructions >>> Enter the necessary information in the table below.

You can adjust the risk in 2 ways:

  1. Risk from Lot size.
  2. Risk as a percentage you want to take.


The required input data are:

  • Portfolio value in USD
  • Desired stop loss level in pips (e.g. 1,000 pips)
  • Desired lot size (e.g. 0.01)
  • Or, desired % risk per trade.

After entering the necessary information, the system will calculate the risk percentage (%) for you.


***** Warning *****

You should use a Lot size that is appropriate for your risk tolerance.

*** Note: Trading is a high-risk investment. Please study and analyze carefully before investing ***

Account Balance (USD):
Lot Size (0.01):
Stoploss (point):
The loss result (USD):
Portfolio percentage(%):
Risk level:
Take profit (point):
Profit (USD):
Portfolio percentage(%):
Price 1:
Price 2:
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